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Tools for performance monitoring on Linux

July 23, 2010

For each single thing on Linux has a tool to monitor their performance, below a few:

top – process activity
vmstat – system activity, hardware and system information
uptime – average of system load
ps,pstree – list process
free – memory usage
iostat – average of CPU, disk activity
sar – collect and report system activity
mpstat – multiprocessor usage
pmap – process memory usage
netstat – network statistics
iptraf – real time network statistics
tcpdump – network traffic monitoring
strace – system calls
dstat – Versatile resource statistics
htop – process viewer for Linux, similar to top

Thanks to Scott Baker and Andy Burns for remember me dstat and htop.
Happy hacking!


From → Fedora, Foss, General

  1. You missed dstat. Dstat replaces several of those tools.

  2. Andy Burns permalink

    Can I add htop and dstat to your list?

  3. iarlyy permalink

    htop and dstat added. Thanks.

  4. foo permalink


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